Funny pictures part-1


700 years old couple found as skeletons. It doesn’t seem like the wife is arguing, but rather it looks like that wife is screaming in fear of something.😢😭😭


This is how a 2 hour old cute hippo cub looks like. This hippo will fit in to our palm. It's pose seems that it has something to think about immediately after it came to this world. 


Man shopping online and his reaction when he has to pay after adding his purchase items to the cart. 


How long should this car have been parked here? Or, how many birds should have been sitting on this tree?


The structure of this man is similar to that of the mountain when he was lying down.


A cute puppy wearing rain suite to go for a walk. 

Funny pictures - funny memes - this collection of funny pictures has a cute puppy dog wearing rain suite, a cute hippo cub, a car completely wasted by a group of angry birds, man ordering online and got irritated for waking up, a fatty man lying who resembles a mountain nearby him and 700 years old couples' skeleton.

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