Best passive income opportunity

Please read the business opportunity details given below and take your place in this passive money making opportunity:

Business type:

Basically this is an MLM (Multi level Marketing), but you will earn passive income even if you are not referring others, building your down-line team members and doing nothing. That's called auto fill earnings.

Company name:

ACW TRADERS PRIVATE LIMITED. The company is situated in Aarani, Thiruvannamalai District, Tamilnadu, India. Company's official website is

Job description:

Understanding the business model and explain its features and earning opportunities to others and build your down-line team. On regular basis and as and when required, you can purchase groceries and other household essentials. You are not changing the brand and not the shop also. You are just going to order the products through the app and the products will reach your door step. That's it.


More than Rupees one lakh per month. There are totally 6 types of income you will earn from this company.


One time activation fees Rs.500/- (Triple the investment amount will be returned to you in the form of discount points)

How to join:

Follow the steps below to start your business right now.

  1. Download the app through this link:
  2. Register your account.
  3. Use my referral code: 291291
  4. Pay Rs.500/- in the app and activate your account

Note: If you join using my referral code above, I'll help to build your down-line team and earn you more.

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